Aquarium Protein Skimmer  
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Aquarium Protein Skimmer

What is an Aquarium Protein Skimmer?

A Protein Skimmer is a form of saltwater aquarium filtration. Although there are many different types of Protein Skimmers, all Skimmers work by mixing water and air to create millions of microbubbles. Waste in the water attaches to the microbubbles and is forced into the neck of the Protein Skimmer. When the microbubbles burst, the waste is pushed into the collection cup where it no longer negatively affects water quality, unlike traditional sponge filters.

Do I Really Need an Aquarium Protein Skimmer?

The answer is “No,” but a Protein Skimmer will make it far easier to maintain water quality in your saltwater aquarium. It will also reduce algae growth and make your overall aquarium experience more pleasant. After all, the purpose of a saltwater aquarium is to enjoy it, not to spend hours cleaning it. Experienced hobbyists suggest that you should buy the best protein skimmer your budget can afford to avoid the additional costs of upgrading down the road.

Types of Protein Skimmers

There are many types of aquarium protein skimmers. Each uses a different method to produce the tiny bubbles. Popular methods are needle wheel, venturi, beckett, downdraft and airstone. Most hobbyists purchased needle wheel and venturi powered aquarium protein skimmers.

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